About Us

The N&D srl rose on the 5th March 2015 and aims to become leader in the distribution abroad of the Italian
wine excellence and in particular that of the Campania area. Nunzia e Dario, the creators of this ambitious
project, combined their passion and love for the territory in order to accomplish their Mission. “We live in
an extremely special volcanic area which hides literal enological and gastronomic treasures, so why don’t
let know us abroad? Not just in Europe, but also overseas!”
Our desire is to share with our clients places full of history: fascinating areas like the Vesuvio and the
Campi Flegrei, resorts of the ancient Roman Emperors and which still, nowadays, are lands of myth and
mystery. Our volcanic areas offered today, like yesterday, the pleasure of thermal springs and renowned
culinary products.
On the 11th of April 2015, Nunzia and Dario, decided to amplify their exposure, not just locally but on an
international level and this is the reason why they opened “L’Arte dei Vini” the first wine boutique in the
city centre of Pompei , for wine lovers of every culture, country and religion! “Here we welcome our
customers in a very attentive way because according to us the shopping experience becomes emotion. Our
customers can taste our products,join our special wine-tasting events and can be always guided in the
choice of their wine by our high specialized sommeliers!”

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